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While just about everyone has automotive insurance, not everyone is familiar with where auto glass claims fall under categorically. Those with comprehensive insurance coverage can claim most glass related jobs without penalty or risk of increased rates. In fact, insurance companies encourage the replacement of windshields for your safety and a decreased risk of an accident.

Reasonable claims often include but are not limited to break-ins, rock chips, object impact, random vandalism, weather related or uncontrollable circumstances as well as many other creative reasons as to why your glass may break.

Now many will still have a deductible, but this can be fractional compared to the price of some windshields in modern vehicles. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, you can give us a call and we can help you find out what your coverage includes and how much your deductible will be for replacement. Often times we can help you find this information right on your insurance card, or calling your insurer on your behalf.

We work with most major insurance agencies and will gladly assist in all processes of completing your claim. Many times we can service your vehicle and complete your claim in the very same day. Our goal is to get your vehicle back to the exact condition it was in prior to breaking the window quickly, efficiently and with as little hassle for our customers as possible.

A typical claim can be serviced within half a day at your location or our shop and completed with a 5 minute phone call to glass claims that our insurance representative will gladly guide you through. It really is as easy as that and you're right back on the road.

Any questions, or to find out more call us at 847 352-4913.

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